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 Kimber Montana 84M

Kimber Montana Model 84M Rifle  NZ$2635 (incl. GST)

The lightest production hunting rifle available today

* Synthetic Stock
* Stainless

* Calibers:
.243 Win, .308 Win ,223, .257 Roberts, 7mm-08 Rem, .308 Win, .25-06, .270, .280 Ackley Improved, .30-06, .270 WSM, .300 WSM, .300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag

* Three-position wing safety acts directly on the cocking piece for greatest security.
* Models with walnut or Kevlar/carbon fiber stocks are glass bedded.
* Receivers are drilled and tapped for Kimber scalloped base sets (sold separately).

* Approximate Weight: 5lbs. 5oz.
* Overall Length (inches): 41.25


* Material: Kevlar carbon fiber composite
* Recoil pad (black) thickness (inches): 1 inch
* Length of pull: 13.63 inches
* Drop at heel: 0.54 inches
* Drop at comb: 0.43 inches
* Sling swivel studs
* Front swivel stud only for bipod.


* Length: 22 inches
* Finish: Satin stainless steel
* Grooves: 6
* Sporter contour
* Twist rate (right hand): 10
* Match grade chamber

* Finish: Satin stainless steel
* Full length Mauser claw extractor
* Magazine capacity: 5
* Pillar bedding
* Glass bedding
* 3-position Model 70-type safety

* Factory setting (pull) pounds: 3.5-4

* Adjustable

More Information on Kimber Model 84M Rifles

The Kimber Model 84M™ is the first ultra-lightweight production rifle that combines classic design, hand finishing and the advantages of a Mauser claw extractor for true controlled round feeding and extraction. Accuracy is ensured by the match grade barrel, chamber and trigger, along with pillar bedding on all models and glass bedding on rifles in big game calibers.

The Model 84M action was designed with minimal dimensions to accept the .308 Win. family of cartridges. No compromise was considered. Most production rifles simply shorten their bulky, full-size actions to accommodate these shorter cartridges, and their rifles end up weighing the same as a magnum. Worse, many do the only other thing they can to save weight: shorten the barrel below optimal length. That takes the rifle out of balance and reduces velocity.

The Kimber Model 84M Montana weighs just over 5 pounds, and the Model 84M Classic, Classic Stainless, Classic Select Grade and SuperAmerica weigh about 8 ounces more. Heavier rifles in varmint calibers are also available. Like all Kimber pistols and rifles, the Model 84M is built entirely inside the Kimber factory right here in America.

Another Picture of the Kimber Model 84M Montana Rifle


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