Rossi Pomba Shotguns


The New Rossi Pomba Shotguns - Rossi shotguns are the timeless single-shot break-open breach design. These shotguns feature a spur hammer, transfer bar action and an integral safety that prevents the action from opening or closing when the hammer is cocked. This makes them perfect for beginners, especially the scaled down youth model with its shorter stock and barrel.

Each is a reliable, lightweight gun easily carried throughout an entire day in the field. Powerful ejectors mean no time lost removing spent hulls and reloading. Perfect fit, combined with beautiful wood and deeply finished metal makes these firearms a keepsake gift for a beginning shooter, or a great present for yourself. Best of all, they're priced right!

Rossi shotguns are available in 12 and 20 gauge models weighing just over five pounds, and a 65 ounce .410 bore that accepts 2 or 3-inch shells. All with a modified choke. These shotguns are also suitable for use with cartridges containing steel shot.


Rossi Pomba Shotguns - Calibers:  
.12gauge Shotgun 28" Blued/Synthetic NZ$316 (incl. GST)
.20gauge Shotgun 28" Blued/Synthetic NZ$316 (incl. GST)
.410 Shotgun 28" Blued/Synthetic NZ$316 (incl. GST)

Construction: Stainless Steel
Capacity: Single Shot
Barrel Length: 28"
Action: Break Open
Finish: Blue
Grips Stock: Black Synthetic
Choke: Modified
Weight: 5.25lbs
Model Numbers: RS2312BS, RS2320BS and RS23410BS


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