Rossi Puma Centrefire Rifle

The Rossi Puma - This .357 Magnum Rossi Puma has a 16" Stainless barrel, lever action with open sights. Modelled after the Winchester 92 rifle, the Rossi has been styled for today's market. Fantastic size and weight makes them the ultimate bush rifle, using the short range and affordable .357 Magnum (US Police service revolver) or .44 Magnum (Dirty Harry) cartridges you can expect to knock down pigs & deer out to 100m with the standard 157gr 357 or 240gr 44 projectile. The 357 Magnum rifle also allows you to use the cheaper and quieter 38 Special cartridges without any modification. You can even mix them in the same magazine. Stainless steel construction for greater rust resistence. Come with open sights, barrel band & stainless butt plate. One great rifle at an amazing price. 

Construction: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 6 Shot
Barrel Length: 16"
Action: Lever Action
Finish: Blue or Stainless
Open Sights
Model Numbers: RR06520B, RR0654440B, RR0654520B, RR65016B, RR6504516B, RR67016B, RR67520B, RR661454B, RR08520S, RR0654440S, RR65016S, RR6504516S, RR67016S, RR67520S, RR1753573B, RR17644, RR1754440, RR17545, and RACHEEKPUMA


.44 Magnum 20" Blued NZ$800 (incl. GST)
.44 Magnum 16" Blued/Wood NZ$800
(incl. GST)
.44 Magnum 20" Stainless NZ$895
(incl. GST)
.44 Magnum 16" Stainless NZ$895
(incl. GST)
.44 Magnum 24" Blued NZ$1035
(incl. GST)
.44/40 Win 20" Blued NZ$800
(incl. GST)
.44/40 Win 20" Stainless NZ$895
(incl. GST)
.44/40 Win 24" Blued NZ$1035
(incl. GST)
.45L Colt 20" Blued/Wood NZ$800
(incl. GST)
.45L Colt 16" Blued/Wood NZ$800
(incl. GST)
.45L Colt 20" Stainless NZ$895
(incl. GST)
.45L Colt 16" Stainless NZ$895
(incl. GST)
.45 Colt 24" Blued NZ$1035
(incl. GST)
.357/.38SP 16" Blued NZ$800
(incl. GST)

.357/.38SP 20" Blued NZ$800 (incl. GST)
.357/.38SP 16" Stainless NZ$895 (incl. GST)
.357/.38SP 20" Stainless NZ$895 (incl. GST)
.357/.38SP 24" Blued NZ$1035 (incl. GST)
.454 Casult 20" Blued NZ$883 (incl. GST)

Another Picture of the Rossi Puma Rifle:

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