Tetra Gun Liquid Blue 2.7oz.
Tetra® Gun Liquid Blue 2.7oz NZ$14 (incl. GST)
For steel touch-up and complete re-blue

Model # TTL-002I
Size: 2.7oz.

Gun blue and rust remover is the safe, reliable solution that removes rust and old blue easily and quickly without damaging base metal. Removes old metal finishes from modern firearms, muzzleloaders and antiques. Excellent for removing rust from tools, gages, and precision equipment. Available in a 2.7 oz. wide mouth container. Liquid gun blue is the best product for steel touch up or complete re-blue. Fast acting liquid gives a non streaky uniform blue/black finish. Additive package further enriches color and reduces desired color achievement time.


* New additive package further enriches color and reduces achievement time
* Excellent for scratches and touch-ups
* Easy to use
* Non-streaky

About Tetra Gun: Thank you for your interest in Tetra® Gun care products. For over 25 years, FTI has specialized in the development and manufacture of performance products for the firearm industry. Hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement, military personnel and collectors worldwide recognize Tetra® Gun care to be of the highest quality and value available on the market today. Tetra Gun's standards for performance and value benchmarks continue to lead the industry through innovation, honesty, work ethic and integrity.

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