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Gillie Camouflage System

Made in New Zealand High Quality Hunting Gear - Huntech have announced that they are CLOSING DOWN as the owner would like to focus on other things, accordingly there will likely be gaps in our stock until the products sell out!
The ultimate camouflage concealment solution. Finally a solution to having several camouflage patterns to cover all your hunting spots. These lightweight, tough, compact garments will give you great concealment! You only need your normal hunting gear plus your Gillie Gear availablie in Bushland, Waterfowl, High Country, and Gumtree Habitat. The Gillie Cape, Shirt and Pants have been on our drawing board for some years. We felt for it to be successful we needed both the right fabric and superior 3 dimensional camouflage patterns. These concealment garments are designed to wear over your normal hunting gear, and offer little in terms of insulation, so you won't overheat. Our Habitat Camouflage gives these garments a very 3 dimensional look, which was created by the shaggy look of the original design. They are made of incredibly tough lightweight Drylet Mesh.

The Gillie Suit is commonly known as a leafy or shaggy suit worn to camouflage the wearer into a natural background. It was originally use by Scottish sheep herders to remain concealed while monitering and protecting flocks from thieves and predators. They are also used by military and law enforcement snipers.
Huntech Gillie Pants NZ$76 (incl. GST)
Size Colour: Quantity:

Gillie Pants are designed to wear over your usual hunting shorts or pants. They are light weight and roll up very small.

Picture shown in Gumtree Habitat (colour no longer available).

Code: 951
Sizes: Only sizes Medium and XXL left!
Gillie Fabric
Bushland Habitat
and High Country Habitat Camouflage.


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