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 Kiwi Fishing Sharpener

Kiwi Fishing Electric Knife, Scissors and Tools Sharpener NZ$40 (incl. GST)

* Model # KS60W
* For knives, scissors, screwdrivers and tools.
* Compact design
* 60 watts 230V high power motor
* 2 grinding wheels for coarse and fine sharpening options.
* Unique slots for knives, scissors and screwdrivers
* For carbon coated and stainless steel blades
* Automatically sets correct angle for sharpening
* Anti-slip suction to bench or table
* 1metre retractable power cord
* Dimensions: 14cm diameter x 9.5cm high
* 2-pin New Zealand plug


Product Description:

Kiwi Fishing Electric Knife Sharpener is a powerful effective knife and scissors sharpener with a 60 watt motor, 2 grinding wheels for coarse and fine sharpening, of carbon and stainless steel knives. Also features suction feet to provide safe non slip operation and a retractable power cord. Creating then maintaining a proper edge on your knife has never been easier. The Kiwi Fishing Electric Knife Sharpener is super-efficient and able to sharpen knives, scissors and tools.

This Electric Knife Sharpener features a unique two wheel sharpening structure which gives you professional results even at home. It lets you sharpen knives and scissors, giving them a razor sharp edge in seconds. The sharpener has exclusive slots for each tool which holds them at just the right angle where they need to be sharpened, giving you the perfect finish. Blunt knives and scissors need not be stored or thrown away, just flick on this Electric Knife Sharpener and keep all of your tools at a perfect edge all the time.

More Pictures of the Kiwi Fishing Knife Sharpener

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